988 and Crisis Hotlines serving Black, Brown and Indigenous Communities: Challenges and Promising Models for the Future

Shelby Rowe of the Suicide Prevention Resource Center (and Chickasaw Nation Woman of the Year in 2016) will moderate a panel of suicide prevention and Lifeline crisis center leaders in reaching and serving persons in crisis from Black, Brown and Indigenous communities from around the country. The panel will explore how 988/Lifeline crisis centers can work towards building greater trust in their outreach as well as establish rapport and culturally effective clinical approaches towards better serving these communities in urban, rural and frontier settings. Challenges in serving Indigenous people and individuals in communities of color across these settings - including a lack of culturally appropriate or even traditional community mental health or crisis services to refer them to - will also be discussed. The panel will identify and suggest strategies for addressing some of these challenges, towards enabling 988 crisis centers to enhance equity of access and care for all people in their communities who are in mental health and suicidal crisis.

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Carleton Archer, Director, Specialized Services, Here to Help, Vibrant Emotional Health;

Sandra Rodriguez, Training and Outreach Coordinator;

Didi Hirsch, Mental Health Services;

Dee Bigfoot, Child Psychologist, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center;

Darryl Turpin, Lines for Life, Director of Equity and Cultural Engagement 


Shelby Rowe, Program Manager, Suicide Prevention Resource Center



National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (Vibrant Emotional Health) and Suicide Prevention Resource Center


Date and Time:

Tuesday 13 July at 9:30am-11am PST (12:30-2pm EST)