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The Mark A. Davis:
Miss Altered States Award

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Mark A. Davis (6/22/56-9/14/20) was well-known in the consumer/peer/client/survivor community. Those who met Mark came away feeling blessed to have met perhaps the most infectious spirit in the world. Mark was a cheerleader at Ohio State University, and he carried that spirit with him throughout life. Mark experienced much sadness in life, and while he could have run and hid from life, instead he embraced it, kissed it, and honored it every day. He is remembered for his deep love of life, close friends, and community.

Mark Davis Drag.jpg

Mark spent his adult life in Philadelphia, where he helped create community supports for people living with HIV, for members of the consumer/peer/client/survivor community, for those who have lived through the loss of someone to suicide, and most importantly, for people who had survived an attempt. Mark was also known for his ebullient drag persona, Miss Altered States, whose lip-sync musical performances and emcee skills graced national conferences and local gatherings large and small.

Mark was truly one of a kind.

Twelve Six Strategies is pleased to partner with Vanguard Communications and Vibrant Emotional Health/National Hotline for Suicide Prevention in honor of Mark, a person who gave so much to the communities he was part of, in hopes of creating a safer, more equitable world.

We miss Mark’s infectious smiles, numerous emails, and crude jokes. We fondly remember Miss Altered States sashaying through chandelier-lit ballrooms at conferences across the country. The love Mark bestowed on our community will be felt for decades to come.  The many people he mentored will continue and build upon the work he started.

Call for Nominations - 2021 Mark A. Davis: Miss Altered States Award

The inaugural Mark A. Davis: Miss Altered States Award recognizes outstanding work by an adult or youth leader who has used their lived experience to advocate for suicide prevention, promote community building, model compassion, provide mentorship, and foster leadership development. This person will be someone who exhibits unconditional love for community, someone who is known as a change agent within their community and/or on a national level.

The award recipient will be honored during the virtual event, Seeking Healing During COVID-19 for the Black & Native Communities on July 14, 2021.


  • Attempt survivors and loss survivors of suicide

  • Self-nominations will be accepted

  • Ages 18+

  • The primary area of impact of a nominee's work must be within the United States and US Territories

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Complete a written nomination for each person nominated, including the person’s name, nickname (if different), pronouns, a description of their work in the area(s) of suicide prevention, community building, compassion, mentorship, and/or leadership development, and its impacts in the communities in which they work. See detailed eligibility criteria below.

To complete the nomination process please click the link below:



To be eligible for the Mark A. Davis: Miss Altered States Award, the nominee must be an attempt survivor or loss survivor of suicide, age 18 or older, whose work has had a primary impact in one or more communities in the United States or US territories.

To submit a nomination, please submit a written nomination outlining how the nominee exhibits the following qualities and achievements.


Community Organizing: The individual centers the community in their work by organizing the community and community groups to achieve specific goals around suicide prevention and postvention. 


Impact: The individual has made or is making major contributions to improve the lives of people who have survived a suicide attempt or loss to suicide.


Humor: This person will exhibit a sense of humor that soothes the soul and reminds the community that today we live to make tomorrow better.


Leadership: The individual has demonstrated the ability to inspire and effectively educate the public about suicide, prevention, postvention, community care and resources.


Visibility: The individual is a visible and recognized leader at the community, state, and/or national level, in their specialized field, or within a particular population.


Bravery: The individual demonstrates their commitment to survivor advocacy despite potential risks to career, finances, and public acceptance.


Innovative/Visionary: This person has created concrete approaches or physical or virtual supportive spaces.

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